About us ...... 

  • We depend on our many years of instructed experience to instruct our students.  With lots of detailed the latest techniques regarding how to drive safely, defensively and how to develop good driving habits.
  • Our school is the best one for you, pay less and get more valuable services.
  • Our cars are almost new cars with A/C, dual-break, dual air bags. also with full insurance coverage
  • We have good a reputation and lots of recommended  customers from our students' families, friends and neighbors.
  • Also, we instructed many students, who even after finishing their 6 hours behind the wheel practice with other driving schools are still unable to drive on the roadway. Then, after one 2-6 hour instruction with our school, feel more confidence and passed their road test. 
  • We are concerned with instructing students on how to drive safely, not only making money.
  • Price is mostly people's 1st priority, however, if you can choose one like us, which not only has the best price but also has excellent services. This is very important. Our prices are reasonable and affordable.  
  • Our goals are to provide excellent service for Middle and Lower income families. You are always welcome!

   If you have any questions, please feel free contact us by phone or email